Here I offer the web some photos of my 1982 Toyota 4x4's transformation from a weekend camper to a Rock Crawler.

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the day after I purchased her
Here she is the day after I purchased her
5 inch lift added
09/15/02: Removed shell, added bed box & 5" suspension lift
First Ramp Test 10-06-02   First Ramp Test 10-06-02
click photo to enlarge^
click photo to enlarge^

10/06/02: First ramp test after the lift. Not happy with the rear end travel, springs have too much of an arch so there's not enough droop. Front looks ok... for now!

10/12/02: installed 35 inch Kumho Venture MTs
03/15/03: John & myself built and installed a custom front bumper
6/28/03: bent my tie rod on the Rubicon. the above shows it straightened and sleeved with my Hy-Lift handle.
rock sliders
John & myself built and installed a set of rock sliders out of 4x2
Chevy spring swap
11/08/03: John & myself installed a set of Chevy springs rear Chevy spring swap photos
Trail Photos click to enlarge
On The Way Down the Jergens Trail 06-08-03
Jergens Trail
Going Into The Bog
Mud Bog
Back Side at Moon Rocks
Moon Rocks 5/2/04
Misery Trail Above Sun Valley, NV
Misery 5/2/04
Big John & I traveled to Summit Racing's TruckFest 2004 to hit their trail runs on 5/2/04

Staged at Summit's parking lot, groups were split in 2: easy & extreme. We chose the latter and headed off to Moon Rocks a site used for crawl comps. After a half day there we hooked up with local club Twisted Metal and headed to their back yard trail called Misery.

I created a slide show of the day. All photos are by myself & Big John. Flash player is needed to view the slide show.   SLIDE SHOW: high speed | dial-up
watery mud bog @ Prairie City
watery mud bog @ Prairie City
1.71 MB stream
hill climb with rocks and logs
Stair steps @ Prairie City
1.42 MB stream
Frame Twister @ Prairie City
1.84 MB stream
rolling through a trench
Trench @ Prairie City
4.51 MB stream
made one hill-strapped another
High Sierra Snow
4.90 MB stream
rolling through a trench
Trench2 @ Prairie City 1/3/04
1 month later & deeper
9.58 MB stream

the above clips filmed & edited by The Beast & Rockalot


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If you're looking for my NISSAN, its been retired but the page still exists here.

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