The Adventures of Rockalot's Nissan 720
The Adventures of Rockalot's Nissan 720

Development of this page has ceased!

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What's the purpose of this page?
Highlight modifications of my first 4x4 and trips I have taken with it. This truck has been sold and replaced by a 1982 Toyota 4x4 so there will be no more additions to this page.

Why Rockalot?
To keep a long story short... it was my professional name as a Disc Jockey. I had the license plate "rokalot" on the van that hauled my equipment and Rockalot is my screen name on the Internet. Continuing with the tradition I now have ROXALOT on my truck.

Support My Cause!
I personally created this page and create web sites for a living. If you like this page or others I have done and would like your own then don't hesitate to contact me. The cost of creating your site will go into my rig and you will be credited with the specific upgrade!  Now that's a GREAT cause right? LOL

Latest News!
4/06/02: Packnrat & I installed Superlift upper A-arms and heavy duty T-bars.
I cranked the T-bars all the way up and man did my truck get taller! Superlift promises 1.5-3" of lift with their A-arms and the stock T-bars so I at least got 3" with the HD T-bars.
4/13/02: Installed a pair of Rancho 5000s and Superlift 3" shackles on the rear to level the rig out.
5/25/02: Well I think its time to go over the top! After this weekends trip, looking at Weedwacker and Uncle Jim's Toyota's, I'm now shopping for a shop to do a straight axle conversion for my truck!


TRIP #1:  My first official 4x4 run.
This was a safety clinic, half in class and half on trail. Clinic was ran by The Capitol City Mountain Goats at their club house next to Prairie City OHV Park so PC is where we applied our newfound class room skills on the trail.

TRIP #2:  Mountain Goat Led Trip To Bassy Falls 2/27/02
Trip description, photo log and mpeg video.

TRIP #3:  American House near La Port 5/25/02 - 5/27/02
This trail has been adopted by the Sierra Treasure Hunters and this weekend's camp-out was to play as well as to perform some trail maintenance.

TRIP #4:  Deer Valley - Eastern Sierras near Carson Pass 6/00/02
No story & photos yet but plenty to add when I find time. This was the last run for the Nissan and the deciding run to go with a Toyota.

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